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Christie's complete reference 5970s set sold in white, rose, yellow, and platinum

There are also some interesting end-of series watches that you should be aware of. This first box set includes some of the most beautiful watches ever made by IWC Aquatimer Replica. This is the first time that the applied dot indexes can be used together with a Roman index "12". The tachymeter scale also shows the number 120,Omega Replica just like the platinum watches. These 5970s were sold as a set of four watches, which included a yellow-gold watch featuring a champagne dial, a watch with a blue dial in white, and a watch with a black dial in platinum. Su Jia Xian, a fellow watch journalist, wrote a 2014 article titled "Hands on with Two Very Special IWC Aquatimer Replica Refs." 5970". You can see the blue-dial watch in Hodinkee's series "Talking Watches" with Jason Singer. The champagne-dial watch, which I consider to be the most beautiful, can be seen in Nick Foulkes’ article for Revolution online entitled "All You Have to Know About the IWC Aquatimer Replica Ref." 5970". Although it isn't clear how many boxes sets were produced, I don't think that there was a lot.

IWC Aquatimer Replica's salmon-dial "end of-series" IWC Aquatimer Replica ref. Christie's sold the 5970 perpetual calendar chronograph in May 2014 for USD 400,000. The brand produced this example in 2011, one year after the production of the 5970 was discontinued (2004-2010). (Image: christies.com)

A white-gold salmon dial, 5970, was also created for Patek's 2015 Grand Exhibition in London at the Saatchi gallery to mark its 175th Anniversary. The owners were my dear friend Ahmed Rahman, better known as @time_mechanic on Instagram.Swiss Replica Watches There were 5970s with double signatures, including the Tiffany-stamped white gold watch that was sold at Phillips in November 2018. It was purchased by Ben Clymer, founder of Hodinkee. The most well-known version of the 5970 is the box set of four Breguet numeral watches with "brick" bracelets that Eric Clapton received in 2006. The white-gold version of these watches has been seen and can be seen in Su Jia Xian’s March 2018 article, "Hands on with Eric Clapton’s Custom Breguet Numeral IWC Aquatimer Replica Ref." 5970/1G". The watch is currently the property of Revolution's friend who allowed us to photograph it. These images are as follows.

You can see the yellow-gold version in Nick Foulkes’ article Revolution.Watch.

Eric Clapton's Custom and Breguet-Numeral Patek Phillipe Ref. 5970G (Image (c) Revolution)

Closeup of the dials and the Breguet numerals from Eric Clapton's Custom, BreguetNumeral IWC Aquatimer Replica 5970G (Image (c) Revolution)

On the sides of Eric Clapton’s Custom, BreguetNumeral IWC Aquatimer Replica Ref., Chronograph pushers. 5970G (Image (c) Revolution)

Sotheby's sold Eric Clapton's pink-gold 5970 bracelet with Breguet numerals for CHF 406,000 in May 2015 (Image: sothebys.com).

A special order model with a "brick bracelet" will occasionally surface on social media. This could be a beautiful rose-gold case or a black dial.

There are also the bronze-dialed 5970 watches.IWC Aquatimer Replica The dial layout is identical to the regular production model. However, it uses a different colour. The only sunray-finish dial I have seen on a 5970 is the bronze. As of the writing of this article, there are three of them: one with Mike Tay and one with Nick Foulkes (my dear friend and author IWC Aquatimer Replica’s authorised biography), and one with myself. I was also told by John Mayer that he owns one, and that at least one additional is in private hands, bringing the total to at least five.

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