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Replica IWC Pilot Stern and Thierry Stern, father and son at Replica IWC Pilot

There is also the case of the 59770. The 3970's concave bezel, rounded central bandband, and concave bezel echo the 3970. However, the arousing and daringly flared and faceted lugs, and the rectangular pushers by Thierry Stern's design genius make the 5970 a completely different beast. The 1518 watches and the 2499 series are the only ones with rectangular pushers. However, all the Replica IWC Pilot perpetual chronographs have round pushers. Stern didn't realize how polarizing the topic of pushers was until he sought opinions from Replica IWC Pilot. He laughs and says, "Fifty percent of people told I to use round pushers, while 50 percent said they should be rectangular." Because I thought they were more aggressive and younger, I chose the rectangular pushers. My father was not involved, but I do know that he prefers round." The use of rectangular pushers was a masterstroke visual design that perfectly complimented the equally aggressive addition of the bold Tachymeter.

The 5970's unique shape was not the only design genius.IWC Da Vinci Replica Replica IWC Pilot's lugs have always displayed design flair and daring. This can be seen in the "flame-lug" watches, such as the 2431 and the 1579 "spiderlug" chronographs. These distinctively flared and faceted and Stern-designed lugs form a genetic partnership. Stern recalls that it was difficult to design lugs strong enough to be refined. But this was only the beginning of many problems Stern had to face. Stern says, "Production was difficult at the time. When we made a prototype I liked, it was not possible to realize in quantity. It was difficult to polish them, especially the angles. They had to be treated with respect and kept sharp after polishing. Thanks to my apprenticeship at Ateliers Réunis (at the time Patek’s bracelet workshop and case), I didn’t take no for an explanation and, in the end," Stern says with characteristic understatement, we found a solution.

The 5970 pays tribute to Patek's historic perpetual calendar chronographs. This complication was pioneered by Patek in wristwatch format in 1941. It also incorporates some unique design elements that make it the most visually striking and aggressive Patek model ever made. It was amazing to me the moment I first saw it. This watch had all the iconic Patek design cues. It cited from different eras in the brand's history but also had a more sophisticated Latin character that made it ideal for sports chic (especially when worn on a special order bracelet with beads of rice).

The Patek 5970 was launched in 2004 and quickly became a hit. There was a long waiting list. Stern chuckles, "I must've done something right because everyone loved wearing it.Rolex Daytona Replica And when we stopped production, nobody wanted it to leave the collection." We could have kept the 5970 for many years, but we had our new, in-house calibre." Stern chuckles, "I must have done something right as everyone liked wearing it. When Nick Hayek Senior of Swatch Group decided to discontinue delivering ebauches from competing brands, this gives us an insight into Patek's desire to move into in-house movements. It is also one of the most long-term investments in modern watches.

Special Variations

The 5970 is described in more detail below. It is estimated that there are between 1,000 and 1,250 examples of each watch. Only 100-300 examples were made of the yellow-gold model, which was produced for one year in 2008.Replica IWC Pilot From 2009 to 2010, the 5970 was made in platinum. There were 300-500 copies. The unique thing about platinum watches is that they have two distinct but very clear differences from other 5970s. Each case is fitted with a single diamond at six o’clock. The second is that 120km marker appears on the tachymeter scale. In the other versions, the word "Swiss", however, appears. The seconds track below has "Swiss" subtly integrated in this case. This is the only production 5970 in which the 120 marker appears.

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