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IWC Portuguese Replica Stern and Thierry Stern, father and son at IWC Portuguese Replica

Practical considerations

Stern started with a single criterion in designing his watch. He wanted it to be 40mm wide to improve visibility. Stern says, "This was to me the perfect size for a classic modern watch." It gave me significantly more space to concentrate on visibility. To do this, I needed more space than the 3970 allowed. I was having so much trouble reading the month and day indications that I almost added a magnifier to the glass. That would have been too radical. Instead, I tried to simplify it and we tried about 20 dials.

Due to the larger dimensions of the dials, it wasn't necessary to abbreviate a tachymeter so in the 5970 its scale disappears between the 13th & 19th on date rings.IWC Big Pilot Replica The day and month appear in the same position just below the 12 index, while the leap year indication is integrated into the chronograph minute counter at three o'clock, and the day-and-night/24-hour scale is integrated into the continuous seconds indicator at nine o'clock. All of this is identical to the 3970, but the 3mm larger case and bold tachymeter create a much more assertive and sportier watch.

Another important function of the tachymeter was also its primary purpose. This was to make sure that the subdials on the watch didn't feel stuck in the middle of the dial.Rolex Replica Watches Nick Foulkes explains that Thierry had to make sure the subdials didn't feel cluttered in the middle of a relatively empty dial. In those days of watches getting bigger with each passing month, many designs were rushed to make sure that the difference between the size and dial covering the calibre was not too great. The 5970, at 40mm, was not large for its time, but it gave the subdials room to breathe. As a result, the date at six o’clock is more legible because Thierry made that subdial larger. The clean scales of subdials nine and three at nine o’clock and three at three o’clock, however, are easily readable from the 3970. The tachymeter provides what is effectively a circular frame to the familiar but subtly different layout, which eliminates any sense of agoraphobia." This was perfectly expressed by Foulkes who is also a owner of the 5970.

The Best Combination Possible

The hands of the 5970 harkened back to IWC Portuguese Replica's past, it should be noted. All three series of 1518, 2499, and the first two series 3970 watches had leaf-shaped hands. These hands were removed from the 3970's last two series. They were replaced by the more minimalistic baton-shaped hands. Thierry Stern made the decision to revive the larger,IWC Portuguese Replica more stylised leaf hands due to the 5970's more aggressive and sporty nature. The applied hour indexes, on the other hand, quote more from the second series 2499, especially with thicker connected stick markers for 12 o'clock. They are separate on the first and second series 39770. However, they are connected on the third series 39770. All other Patek perpetual calendars have Arabic indexes.

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